Renting can provide you with the equipment you need, while saving you money that would otherwise be spent on purchasing and storing.

Your rental company can also provide you with the expertise to advise, not only on equipment but also on the design and implementation of your event.

Working together with Ellco Rentals Ltd provides you with top quality equipment and service according to your needs thereby easing the planning stages, truly making you a guest at your own event.

So where to start?
Contact us well in advance whenever possible and make an appointment for our special event professional to meet you in our offices or on your chosen site to discuss your requirements.

Ellco Rentals Ltd can provide all of the equipment you will need specializing in the rental of quality equipment. Our inventory includes tents of many sizes from 100sq ft to 13,000sq ft and portable sanitation from air conditioned trailers with piped music to top quality flushable stand alone units. We also provide ancillary equipment such as tent liners, lighting, tables, chairs, linens, tableware and temporary fencing commercial barbecues to food carriers and for extra guests there are rollaway beds, cribs and car seats. Having a band or D.J.? Be sure to include the dance floor. In short, we can provide everything that you need for special events. The list is almost endless and this is where your rental professional can advise you on equipment. It is useful to have the caterer present at the same time if possible so that their requirements can be discussed as well.

Ask us for an itemized rental quotation and if required, a diagram of tent installations and event layout.

Please read and ask any questions regarding our contract details for any clarifications before your event..

Household bathrooms are not designed to cope with constant heavy usage of an event. You certainly don’t want to be faced with plumbing problems on the night. Or you may not want all those guests walking through your house.

The answer is to rent portable sanitation. Modern portable sanitation facilities include trailers which are totally self-contained, air-conditioned with flushing toilets, wash basins, soap, towels, even piped music and pictures on the walls! They are very pleasant to use for ladies and men and can be provided complete with an attendant to maintain maximum cleanliness. Once less thing for you to think and worry about on the night!

No! We deliver sanitized and wrapped tableware. On return, the plates, cutlery and glassware should be rinsed of food and repackaged in their original crates. The equipment is then professionally sanitized and wrapped for the next customer.

No! We prefer that you return the linens dirty so that they can be professionally laundered. However, they should be loosely bundled to prevent mildew. We will charge for any damaged or uncleanable linens.

The responsibility for the rental equipment remains with the rentor from the time of delivery to time of return. On delivery check your equipment and amounts with the delivery crew.

Report any discrepancies or damage immediately to the office.

After the event, tables and chairs should be knocked down, stacked and ready for pickup. All glassware and tableware should be packed neatly into their original crates and breakages noted. We charge for missing or damaged items so make sure you have everything kept in a secure area for pick up. 

The area for tent installation should be clear as well as reasonable access for the equipment. Any underground pipes or other unseen obstacles should be pointed out to the installation crews. Remember to turn off any lawn sprinkler systems!

Standard delivery and pickup charges are for “tailgate” drop off. All tent rentals normally include installation but all other equipment is usually left neatly stacked. Set up and take down services are available at an additional charge and arrangements for this service should be made with the office before delivery to schedule the crew’s time.

Our rental professionals have been trained to answer questions of etiquette what ever the occasion and are a good source for advice.

Again this depends on the type of reception. Unless it is a formal dinner where everyone is seated at once, you need enough chairs for your guests to be comfortable for those that like to sit but not too many that you crowd the setting and the party becomes too static – Especially if you want your guests to dance!

Cocktail tables can be added to bar areas for convenience.

This depends on the size of your event and space available. A general rule is 10 sq ft per person for a formal sit-down dinner and 6 to 8 sq ft per person for a cocktail reception. Our rental professionals can help advise on layouts

Large items may have a delivery charge depending on where you live. Tent rental prices normally include installation costs. Small items can be picked up at the rental store if preferred. Our computerized billing system clearly states all delivery and pickup charges separately. There are no hidden costs.

We are used to numbers changing on smaller items up to the time of delivery. However, tent rentals are the exception. Cancelling tents at short notice will probably mean forfeiting your deposit and adding tents will be subject to availability.

Please check with our office and our “Procedures” page. This outlines all our payment policies which may change from time to time. It is usual to pay a reservation fee with the balance before delivery. For long term rentals a customer can apply for an account.

Once it is delivered we consider it rented. All charges are for time out, whether items are used or not.

Our quotations are computer generated. For special events most prices are quoted for the one day of the actual event. This is in spite of the fact that equipment is usually delivered the day before the event and picked up the day after.
For events lasting longer than 24 hours, equipment is charged at a daily rate with special long term rates available.

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